From Conflict to Colleague


Frequently Asked Questions


what is the optimal level of experience for participants in this program?

The content is designed for entry level to mid-level Account Managers who have been in the role for a few months to several years.  It focuses more on providing growth strategies for success than the actual process of making advertising, as ostensibly participants should already be aware of those basic processes and they may vary slightly from agency to agency.

CAN I send more senior level staff?

Yes, although if the group is comprised mostly of senior staff we would make certain content modifications which could affect pricing.

would any other departments benefit from attending?

While the content is written for the daily life of Account Management, it provides guidance for some essential management techniques which certainly could be relevant to other groups who interact with Account Management or share Account Management responsibilities.

WHat if my account management staff is larger than 20 people?

We would recommend two sessions, in order to give the most value and attention for the people attending.  The sessions can be done sequentially or scheduled whenever it's convenient.


It's structured for a half-day session, (3 to 4 hours, depending on discussion and interaction).

are there any leave-behind materials provided?

There are no printed leave-behind materials, but we do follow up with participants electronically with an overview of the discussion.

i work in a small agency with local clients. is this program going to be relevant?

The content was developed from experiences at a large agency, but will be relevant to any size as it speaks to the larger role of Account Management and how to build strong relationships at all levels.

CAN you accommodate remote participants if travel is a problem?

Yes, depending on the size of the group.  If there are some employees who cannot physically be onsite, we could utilize videoconferencing as long as the majority of the team is attending in person. 

what kind of changes in my staff should i be looking for once they've completed this program?

Obviously while each individual participant's skills and personality will vary, the content is designed to aid in relationship building skills and enhanced decision making qualities.  The goal is for improved client relationships as well as a more thoughtful and collaborative approach to Account Management in an agency environment.